ABCON Member Re-certification Form

This form is for existing ABCON members only! Please click here to read the requirements before completing the form.

Maximum of 5 digits allowed. Numbers only!

Should begin with "RC"

BVN of first director. Mandatory!

BVN of second director

Year only! (For existing Members)

Please ensure that you provide a valid email address. Failure to do so will delay processing of your submission.

Please enter a value between 0 and 50.

Please note that establishment of new branches shall be with the approval of CBN after which your records should be updated

Fees Covered?

Number of the receipt issued by ABCON for the payment. Not more than 6 digits

Required documents include:

  • Copy of CBN approval in principle or copy of temporary license
  • Copy of CAC certificate of incorporation
  • AIP/Final License/certificate duly issued by the CBN.
  • Certificate of incorporation from Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Duly executed Form CAC 7 - Directors’ Particulars.
  • Duly executed Form CAC 2 - Shares Allotment Return Form.
  • Duly executed Form CAC 2.1
  • Duly executed Form CAC 3 - Street address of the corporate office of the BDC.
  • Duly executed Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Evidence of the payment of CBN caution fee.
  • Evidence of the payment of caution fee to CBN.
  • Directors’ IDs and BVNs.
  • Evidence of the payment of ABCON registration/annual due.
  • Utility bill e.g. electricity, water, etc.
  • Undertaking for BDCs Location.
  • Signed attestation to be downloaded, signed and emailed after submitting online form.
  • Original copies of 1 & 2 will be needed for sighting and must be presented by a representative of your organization to support your application whenever required.
  • Each document should not be larger than 1MB.

Business Location Undertaking Upload

Please ensure the completion and upload of your duly signed BDCs Undertaking for Business Location. Failure to do this will prevent further processing and approval of your re-certification.

File should not exceed 1MB.

Should not contain spaces


By checking this box you agree to the attestation below

I Agree

We are a private Limited Liability company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registered office situate at the location indicated in the undertaking.

We hereby attest to the accuracy and validity of the information in this application.

We also agree to submit any further evidence that may be required and to cause our Chief Executive Officer to appear at the secretariat in person, if so required.

We agree to do all within our power to maintain and enhance the prestige of Bureaux De Change Operations; to adhere to regulatory provisions and the code of conduct governing operations of Bureaux De Change in Nigeria.

We also agree to abide and be governed by the Constitution of the Association, including resolutions reached at NEC meetings, EGMs & AGMs.

We make this declaration in good faith, believing same to be true and in accordance with Oaths and Affirmation Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria currently in force.